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  • Mineralization in the Ptarmigan Mine occurs in two forms, as (1) Ag-Au+/-Cu+/-Pb+/-Zn bearing quartz-pyrite, vein-style mineralization with associated high-grade, sulphosalt and/or galena-bearing lenses (Silver-Base Metal Epithermal Veins) and (2) massive to semi-massive, gold+silver-bearing, pyrite-dominant pods and lenses hosted by argillaceous dolomite to dolomitic siltstones.

  • Surface geochemical sampling continues to result in identification of additional occurrences of surface mineralization, along McDonald Creek, Law Creek, North Ridge / West Vein and West Ridge areas.

  • Results from Law Creek also indicate potential for identification of possible high grade mineralization. Analytical results from the Company’s initial geochemical program in the drainage confirm mineralization (primary galena, sulphosalts and chalcopyrite; secondary malachite and azurite) associated with quartz flooding (silicification) and quartz veining.

  • Continued evaluation of North Ridge and surrounding the Ptarmigan Mine returned silver grades ranging from 1,357 to 12.346 g/t, gold between 0.71 and 6.91 g/t and 0.771 to 6.23% Cu.

  • Sampling of the North Ridge and West Vein area returned analytical results for silver ranging from 29 g/t to 1,376 g/t, and anomalous gold to 1.83 g/t, copper to 0.77% and lead to 3.81%. These mineralized occurrences are interpreted to lie along the projection of the north-trending fault system which passes through the Ptarmigan Mine area.

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In addition, chip samples were recovered from the Silver King Adit, west of Redline Creek, approximately 2 km to the west-southwest of the Ptarmigan Mine.

Elevated, to highly anomalous, silver values were documented (below), Base metal values, comprised of both lead and zinc, are also elevated .

Results are interpreted to support a metal zonation associated with the Ptarmigan Basin and surrounding area (i.e. Iron Cap Basin and Redline Creek)

Sample # Ag*
E5126099 52.6 0.042 2.83 1.57 0.00
E5126103 562 0.165 10.80 4.13 0.08
E5126104 65.5 0.089 2.38 3.32 0.01


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