Is a Legit

Is a Legit Company?

More and more people are getting interested about investing in gold and silver, why not? Gold and silver value increase in time. If this is the route you also want to consider, one of the things you need to make sure you do rightfully is finding a platform to exchange your hard earned money to a gold or silver bullion, coins, or any precious metal so to speak.

One of the most popular platforms as of date is the Goldsilver. Although they receive a C rating in the Better Business Bureau, there is no reason to doubt their legitimacy as indeed, Goldsilver is a legit company where you can invest in gold and silver.

To provide you with the things you need to know about Goldsilver, read the following:

– This company was established in the year 2005
– There are a good number of videos and resources made for their investors available on their website
– Silver and gold coins and bars and good number of pieces of gold jewelry can also be purchased from them
– Segregated and allocated vault storage can be accessed through the Brinks Global Services
– If order is more than $499, shipping fee is free
– If you are planning to sell precious metals, they can buy it from you

Secure Storage

All orders you make are kept in any of their available private vaults under your name. At your discretion, you can sell or transfer your metals any time very easily. You can choose from one of their storage options, segregated or allocated.

Gold Storage

Insurance and shipping

One of the things that made them stand apart against their competitors is they offer free shipping for their customers who placed an order of more than $499. Meanwhile, if your order is not more than $499, the shipping fee will be $25.

Also, apart from packing the gold or silver you ordered carefully, they also make sure that it is discreetly wrapped so no one would know what’s inside the package. Included in their shipping is insurance, so in the event of damage or loss, you do not need to be worried as the insurance has it covered.

While some gold and silver investment companies do not offer deliveries outside the country where they are located, does. Their company ships to almost all international countries.

Selling your precious metals to Goldsilver

Just in case you have gold or silver you want to sell; you can sell it with But they do not buy all precious metals, as for them to buy it, it should be in good condition and re-salable as well.

Is Goldsilver legit?

Yes, according to one esteemed blog, Goldsilver is legit.  It would not have lasted for a long time in this industry if in the first place, they were not legitimate. If you have questions, or you want to know everything about them, you are free to visit their website, contact one of their representatives through chat, email or a phone call.

If you want to invest in gold or silver, or if you want to sell your precious metal, they are a good company to consider as they are indeed, legitimate.

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